Changi Airport

Changi Airport

Undoubtedly, the Singapore airport is one of the best airports in the world. Find out how to get to downtown Singapore from Changi Airport.

The modern and clean city is shown through its airport, the Changi Airport which is an example for the rest of the world. The airport can be found 20 km northeast of the centre of Singapore and to the far east of the island.

You can sleep in!

A swimming pool, showers, computers with free internet and a cinema make this a truly unique airport. And as well as all this, you can use the reclining chairs - which are more comfortable than many a hotel bed!

Getting to the City

The normal options to get to the centre of the city are:

  • MRT: the Changi airport has good public transport connections. If you arrive between 6 am and 11:15 pm, you can take the 30-minute metro to the centre in for just 2 SGD (US$ 1.50).
  • Bus: The 36 bus takes you to the centre of the city. It costs 2.10 SGD (US$ 1.60) and takes about an hour
  • Taxi: a taxi from the airport to the centre of the city costs about 30 SGD (US$ 22.20). It's comfortable and the best option for those with big suitcases or arriving late.

And if you're looking to save money from the outset, you can get your hands on the Singapore Tourist Pass and the EZ-Link to save on public transport.