Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay make up an incredible green space in the middle of Singapore. They are home to the world's tallest indoor waterfall, the largest glass greenhouse in the world, and trees over 50 metres tall.

Gardens by the Bay

These gardens make up the largest park in Singapore, and have become the symbol of the city and its most popular attraction at the same time. The gardens stretch over 101 hectares and are home to more than a million plants from all five continents.

Following almost 5 years of construction and more than a billion dollars of investment, the Gardens by the Bay were inaugurated in June 2012, a step forward in the government's stated aim of making Singapore a 'Garden City'.

As well as the plants, running water, and the atmosphere, within the immense gardens are also two features worth mentioning, the "Supertrees" and greenhouses. 

Además de las plantas, el agua y el propio paisaje, en la inmensidad de los jardines también hay varias estructuras, donde merece la pena destacar los “Superárboles” y los invernaderos.


The supertrees are the park's most iconic structures. These 18 gigantic structures, between 25 and 50 metres tall, are covered by climbing plants, adding to their magical air, as well as having solar panels to generate electricity at the top.

The majority of these 'trees' can be found in the Supertree Grove area, in the centre of the park, and if you want to see the gardens from above, the two largest are connected by a 128-metre long walkway.

Top tip: visit them at night, when their illumination will take your breath away.


The two largest structures in the gardens are the greenhouses: two giant domes covered in thousands of glass panels, known as Cloud Forest and Flower Dome.

The former, Cloud Forest, is built around a 35-metre tall artificial mountain,  home to the largest inside waterfall in the world. And as you climb down the mountain, you'll see various different habitats depending on the altitude, with plants normally only found at altitudes of up to 2,000 metres.

The Flower Dome, with its 12,000 square metres, is known as the largest glass greenhouse in the world. And inside you can find flowers from all five continents.


You simply can't visit Singapore and not visit the Gardens by the Bay. Both by day and by night, they are truly spectacular, a fairytale sight!

The paid attractions, the greenhouses and the walkway are somewhat expensive however and they are great, but not unmissable.


Daily, 9 am to 9 pm


Adults: 28 SGD (US$ 21)
Children 3 -12: 15 SGD (US$ 11.30)

Adults: 20 SGD (US$ 15.10)
Children 3 -12: 12 SGD (US$ 9)

Ticket to the Gardens by the Bay 28 SGD (US$ 21)