The EZ-Link card offers cheaper public transport. It's a card that you can top up, and pay for the MRT and the Singapore buses.

The card was first introduced in Singapore in 2001, and there are currently 10 million cards in circulation. If you've ever been to Hong Kong, this card is similar to their Octopus Card.

Some shops and restaurants also accept this card as a means of payment.

Using the Card

You should scan the card when entering and leaving the metro and buses. All you have to do is to hold the card near to the corresponding machine.

We recommend always having at least 3 SGD (US$ 2.20) credit on the card. If you have less, you can't get on MRT metros or the buses, with less than 3 SGD (US$ 2.20) it's possible that you won't have enough for your journey.


The card costs 10 SGD (US$ 7.40), of which 5 SGD (US$ 3.70) is to purchase the card. The other 5 SGD (US$ 3.70) represents the initial top-up, which you can use on transport.

Topping Up

You'll find machines to top up the EZ-Link card in all MRT stations and in the Transitlink offices.


This card is best for long stays. For a stay of just 3 or 4 days, we recommend the Singapore Tourist Pass.