Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is a five star hotel and casino, which has forever changed the architecture of the country.

The three major towers of the building, and the park on the 57th floor, have redefined the Singapore skyline.


On the 57th floor of the Marine Bay Sands Hotel is the Skypark, an open air park measuring 12,400 square metres, which connects the three towersof the hotel. Here you can find a viewpoint, a club, a restaurant and what is perhaps the world's best swimming pool.

200 metres up, and 150 metres long, the Marine Bay Sands Hotel "infinity pool" offers the best views of Singapore by day and night and is open from 6 am to 11 pm. 

However to use the pool, and the jacuzzis, you have to be staying in the hotel.


As well as its architecture, the hotel also has a casino, the first in the city. And with this Singapore sets itself up as an alternative to Macao, which has until now been the main destination for the Asian gambler.

The casino, belonging to the Las Vegas Sands group (which owns some of the most important hotels in Las Vegas and Macao) has more than 2,300 machines and 13 different types of table games represented on its 600 tables.

Shopping Centre

At the front of the hotel you can find one of the largest and newest shopping centres in the world, although as you might expect, the prices tend to be expensive.

Light and Sound Show

In front of the shopping centre, in the Singapore bay, there is a special show every night, which you can enjoy for free. The show is so extreme that it's stunning both from up close and from the other side of the bay.

The show consists of various images projected onto huge screens of water, as colour rains down. A truly stunning sight!

Reserve the Hotel

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