Singapore Tourist Pass

If you're planning to use a lot of public transport on your trip to Singapore, this is the pass for you. It could help you save plenty of money.

The Singapore Tourist Pass allows you to use the unlimited bus and MRT transport and even offers small discounts in certain shops.

The pass can be valid for one, two, and three days. The validity begins once it has been bought and finishes at the end of the day, so we recommend getting it first thing in the morning to get the most out of it.


The card costs 22 SGD (US$ 16.30) for one day, 29 SGD (US$ 21.40) for two days, and 34 SGD (US$ 25.10) for three.

The price of the card includes a 10 SGD (US$ 7.40) deposit, which can be reclaimed once you return the card no more than five days after purchase.

Where to buy the Tourist Pass

If you're getting to Singapore by plane, the best thing to do is to get the card in the offices of the Singapore Tourist Pass that you'll find at the Changi Airport.

The second option is to buy in the SimplyGO offices or at the tourist information offices (Singapore Visitors Centre).

You can also get your ticket online, but it costs more and you'll have to pay for delivery.


If you're going to use a lot of public transport, the Singapore Touris Card can certainly save you money.

The advantages of this card over the Ez-Link card are clear: you don't have to pay 5 SGD (US$ 3.70) to purchase this one, and instead of paying per journey you'll have all your journeys paid for ahead of time.

Special options

There are always those who choose to take the transport card as a souvenir of their trip to Singapore, and that is why there are some special editions of the Singapore Tourist Pass.

For 29 SGD (US$ 21.40), you can buy the 3-day tourist card with a special design. And, if what you want is the most special option of all, for 36.90 SGD (US$ 27.30), you can take a small pendant in the shape of Merlion, a half mermaid half lion figure that is the best representative of the city.